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Increase operational efficiency
minimize scope creep & deliver an
outstanding experience

Get 2 months free with yearly plans


No, your client doesn’t need to sign up for Planeolo. When you send them a message using our platform, they receive a regular email containing all the information and trackable links you want to include. Your client won’t know the email was sent through a service delivery platform. Additionally, you can invite them to access their client portal if you wish. They can monitor the production process and access their past and current deliverables.

Planeolo is a service delivery platform that complements your existing project management tool. It is not meant to replace it but rather to work alongside it. While your PM tool manages internal team activities, Planeolo focuses on managing client interactions during production and service delivery. This dual system helps ensure seamless and efficient operations whilst keeping clients away from your internal processes and communication.

Production studios, creative agencies, and other servicing or production businesses with linear workflows benefit most. Although it was created for the creative industry, companies in different sectors also use it. The primary users are client-facing, such as project and account managers. It is also valuable for those in operations, such as creative operations managers.

No, we plan to have integrations with Pabbly and Zapier shortly.

For now, you must copy and paste the review links provided by the preferred reviewing platform into the interactive project timeline. If the same link is used throughout the production stage, it gets automatically pre-loaded, so you do not have to paste it every time you send an updated revision. You can also upload and share files.

Please upvote here so you can stay up-to-date on the progress.

The interface is currently only in English. However, we are gathering product roadmap votes for other languages. 

Please add and upvote languages here:

Workflow stages for the timeline can be in any language.

Planeolo is a tool for managing clients throughout production and service delivery. To understand the main functionalities, watch this 3-minute demo video: .

Users can personalize their workspace by using their brand logos and colors. They can also have a custom domain that doesn’t display Planeolo in the domain. Instead, the URL will be something like “”.

For example, production studios and creative agencies that:

  • Want to keep track and full transparency on revision rounds. (extra revision rounds tend to burn project budgets)
  • Typically, update provide client updates via email
  • Constantly have to follow up with clients for feedback
  • They want to provide their clients with a secure client portal to follow their projects and access past deliverables.
  • They want in-depth analytics related to their interactions with clients so that they can better evaluate projects and scope in the future.
  • Want to collect, track and evaluate client feedback.


We created Planeolo to save client managers unnecessary wasted time doing the same tasks to keep clients updated on where their projects stand and the next steps.

As for our plans, we have over 50 features currently being voted on. We invite you to check them out on our roadmap/ideas list and upvote your favourite ones by visiting

Our goal is to enhance the management of clients by making it more approachable and accurate while providing a remarkable client experience.

Analytics are centred around the client interactions between the agency/studio and their clients. We have analytics at the project, client, and organisation levels.

Project level—Production progress, Total Production days, Project duration Revision rounds: Agreed vs Executed Total revisions allowed, Total executed revisions, Average client feedback time, Email Engagement Response Time, Total revision days, Feedback reminders sent, Stage duration, Project days breakdown and Planned vs executed production timeline.

On a client level, you can see the number of projects in production, the average completion duration, the average customer satisfaction rating, the average project health over time, and the average active projects over time.

On an organization level, you can see all the analytics for all active and archived projects.

We created Planeolo because we saw that production studios and creative agencies needed a tool that facilitates service delivery and client management with minimal effort. Project management tools and online reviewing tools complement Planeolo. We are planning to integrate with both PM and reviewing tools, as you can see here:

Templates are fully customisable and can be triggered based on where the project stands within your workflow. Emails sent from Planeolo get delivered to your clients in the same project email thread and look like regular emails, not marketing-related emails.

Our databases are hosted on a secure and prominent cloud provider. The data is encrypted at rest and can be accessed only by authenticated users. Even for test environments, we use only solid keys and passwords that are never shared in code or elsewhere.

While it is true that many project management tools feature client portals, these portals can often be too complex and overwhelming for clients, as they are designed to accommodate the intricacies of internal workflows. Clients generally prefer a more streamlined process, focusing primarily on project milestones.

Planeolo addresses this need by offering a solution specifically tailored to client management. Our platform simplifies the client experience and saves project managers valuable time by automating repetitive tasks, such as drafting project updates, tracking overdue feedback, and monitoring revision rounds.

Although there may be some overlap with traditional project management tools, Planeolo distinguishes itself by concentrating on client interaction data and enhancing the overall client experience. It is ideally suited for agencies and production studios with linear workflows.

Storage is allocated on a per-user basis and can be pooled. The free version comes with 5GB, the starter comes with 30GB per user, and the professional version comes with 50GB per user

We are gathering votes to define the integrations; please upvote your preferred integrations here:

Planeolo offers features to help you implement and reuse them effectively. With our tool, you can:

  • Map out production workflows for your team and clients to follow
  • Keep track of the number of agreed revision rounds and minimise scope creep
  • Update clients using email templates pre-populated with project-related information.


You can standardize your communication and service delivery processes by leveraging these features.