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Hello, and welcome to our first Planeolo blog post. My name is Jeff Galea, founder of Planeolo. I am writing this blog post to show how we are giving back a few hours a day to project managers.

You all heard the saying ‘use the right tools for the job.’

This applies to every industry, including the creative industry, in which I have been working for the past 14 years.
Since my early days, I recall that whenever I worked with project managers in other studios and now at my agency, I always witnessed the same frustrations over and over again.
These include clients asking for never-ending revision rounds, taking a long time to provide feedback, scope creep, and repetitive mundane tasks.

We spent years researching how to deal with these struggles, and we saw that these are common problems that have always been seen ‘as part of the job’, and are being tackled inefficiently with tools that were not built for that.

We wanted this to change by creating a more transparent and efficient production process between the agency and the client.

And this is exactly what we solve!
Together with our team and input from external agencies, we mapped out how we could solve these problems, and from then, Planeolo was born.
Planeolo is a web-based client management portal that cuts repetitive tasks by more than 50%, reduces revision rounds, streamlines communication, and uncovers wasted resources during projects.

Let’s look at a simple repetitive task; sending a new review to a client.
Typically a project manager uses their preferred project management tool, a few more siloed tools to prepare the work in progress for client review, writes an email, and sends it to the client. On average, this takes 14 clicks and between 5 to 7 minutes. That’s a very long time, especially when dealing with multiple projects for multiple clients.

With Planeolo, you only need one tool and less than 2 minutes.

Comparison - Planeolo VS conventional way

At this point, you might be asking, who is this for? We have identified more than 8000 creative agencies and studios in the US alone, with four project managers on average. The majority still work in a conventional manner and our goal for the first two years is to capture 10% of this market.

Our go-to-market plan

Go to market plan
  • We have already launched the MVP and getting feedback.
  • In Q3, we will launch Planeolo for paying clients and add more innovative features.
  • In Q4 we are looking to raise capital and improve existing features and user experience.

Currently, we are looking for creative agencies and production studios that want to test-drive Planeolo and seed funding to bring the product to market, continue development and make key hires.
Today, I invite you to join us in our mission to give precious time back to project managers and help them deliver a superior client experience.

Thank you for reading.

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