Product Update – July 2023

July 2023 product update

Since our launch earlier this year, we have received very valuable feedback, prioritizing the development of new features and improving existing ones. We have doubled our development resources, and we have been moving at a faster phase.

Features launched this month

1: Add notes to stages

Notes allow your workspace team to attach their notes to specific stages of their projects. These can be accessible both from the project timeline and the Notes tab. Users can manage the visibility of the notes, selecting whether they should be visible to the client, internal team, or both. These notes can also be directly sent to the internal team and the client. Watch video

2: Go back to previous stage:

Users can now go back to a previous stage by clicking on ‘Undo last action’ from the stage menu.

3: Expand and collapse individual stages:

This feature enables users to expand and collapse a completed stage, providing a comprehensive audit trail of activities and events that occurred during a specific stage. Watch video

4: Sending a message without moving to the next stage:

Users can send a message from the timeline without moving on to the next stage by switching off the toggle button next to the send button. This is generally used for sending project updates without using a revision round.

We also improved a few features:

1: Email domain authentication

Users that are not able to verify their domain or using a public domain such as Gmail, can now send emails using ‘

This improves deliverability. When your clients reply to all, your email is included in the reply to all list, therefore you will receive their reply. However, we always recommend using Planeolo with a verified domain. Learn more

2: Add new project from client profile.

Users can now add a project directly from the client profile page.

3: Loading existing contacts

When creating projects, users can now load existing client contacts.

4: Merge tags as links

We have improved how merge tags are set as hyperlinks.

5: Analytics responsiveness.

We have improved some responsiveness issues.

6: Removed Planeolo branding from login page

We improved the UI of the client portal to make it more intuitive.

7: New video guides and in-app tool tips

We have improved the onboarding experience, added help tool tips and added more video guides.

What we are working on:

– Agency and user profile settings page

– Removing Planeolo branding from your workspace and client portal

– UI improvements for the client portal

– Projects with multiple deliverables

– Collect customer satisfaction ratings upon project completion

– Client-level analytics

Check out our roadmap and vote for your favourite features.

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