Product Update – March 2024

July 2023 product update

We’re thrilled to announce the release of Planeolo 3.0 – the latest upgrade to our client management tool to revolutionize how you interact with your clients and manage projects. Building upon the success of Planeolo 2.0, our team has worked hard to bring you new features designed to streamline your workflow and elevate your client experience to new heights.

Non-linear Timeline: Flexibility at Your Fingertips

One of the most highly requested features, the non-linear timeline, allows you to handle client-related activities in a non-sequential and dynamic order.

Client Analytics

Gain valuable insights into your client interactions with our newly added client analytics. Now, you can track crucial metrics like average CSAT star rating, project health over time, active projects over time, and more for comprehensive client insights. It’s a better way to proactively manage your client relationships with comprehensive analytics for your needs.

Project Analytics

We added more analytics about your projects. You can review the total production days, agreed vs executed revision rounds, average client feedback time, email engagement response time, total revision days, feedback reminders sent, stage duration, and planned vs executed production timeline metrics to optimize efficiency and deliver exceptional results.

File Sharing and Delivery

With Planeolo 2.0, sharing files with your clients has been limited. Now, you can send files directly as previews within the platform, not just links downloaded from the client portal. We are also working on increasing the file size permitted.

Workspace Settings

Take control of your workspace with new settings that allow you to customize notifications and permissions. You can also track client portal invitations and logins, stay informed about overdue feedback, and automate feedback reminders to keep your projects on track.

Project Requirement for Client Satisfaction

Now, you can make the CSAT surveys compulsory before your team can allow a project to be completed. That is a way to ensure you are getting absolute satisfaction from your clients. Workspace owners will receive results, even if not included in a project.

BBC outgoing email

All emails from Planeolo are automatically directed to a specified BCC address. This helps maintain a comprehensive record of all outgoing communications.


We are now using the billing portal provided by to manage the number of seats, upgrades and downgrades in your account.

Re-open closed stages

 You can now re-open closed stages if you mark them as completed by mistake or want to revisit a stage.

Cancel project

You can now close and mark a project as cancelled.

Client portal invitation

You can track which client contacts have been invited and their last login.

Overdue feedback notification

You will now receive a list of projects that are overdue feedback in one grouped notification.

Automated client feedback reminder

You can now set automated reminders if action has not been taken while feedback is overdue.

Change dates from the timeline

You can now change the stage starting or completion date from the timeline.

Email Signature

You can now have custom HTML email signatures sent with emails.

UX improvements

All columns in the project lists are sortable, and you can retrieve the workspace URL if you forget it. We have revamped the email and workflow template builders.

What’s Next?

We’re already working on even more exciting features:

  • Organization analytics
  • Quality control checklist before sending project updates
  • Increased permission controls
  • Projects with multiple deliverables
  • Sending multiple deliverables in one email

We’re committed to providing the features you need to succeed. We understand the importance of efficient client management and seamless project delivery, and we’re dedicated to helping you achieve your goals every step of the way. 

Stay tuned for future updates – we’re constantly working to improve!

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